The Growth in Fast Food英语作文 英语作文

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  Today more snack bars than ever before can be seen in all residential areas and downtown. Chinese food is always sold side by side with foreign one;for example,noodle,rice and fried mutton are served on the same table.Why does fast food enjoy so great popularity.

  The reasons are of different types.First of all,having snacks is economical of money compared with formal meals.The cost of less than 100 yuan only reflects the 0rdinary level of a formal meal,while as much as 10 yuan is enough to satisfy one's appetite at most snack bars.Next,convenience weighs heavily.In a snack bar,you don't have to pretend to be graceful,and you may also take your meal away,which helps save you much time.Last,diverse features of fast food form a good attraction. For example,in Xi'an, Shanxi food along with Sichuan food and typical food in Northeast China are within your easy reach.

  Obviously,fast food adds great convenience to our life. With its further improvement in all sides,snacks will surely be enjoyed by more people from all walks of life.